General practitioners (GPs) deal with a range of health problems and are usually the first person a patient turns to for help. They are general experts in the whole field of medicine and see both children and adults.

GPs usually work in practices, often leading teams which include nurses, healthcare assistants, practice managers, receptionists and other staff. GPs provide continuing medical care for patients in the community or they will refer patients to hospitals or clinics for further assessment or treatment by specialists. Nine out of ten NHS patients are seen in English general practice, and nearly nine out of ten patients rate their experience of their GP practice as good.

GPs manage the widest range of health problems providing:

  • diagnoses and risk assessments
  • support for people with complex and multiple health conditions
  • coordination of long-term care
  • support for the physical, social and psychological aspects of patients’ wellbeing throughout their lives

They are also involved in deciding how health and social services should be organised to deliver safe, effective and accessible care to patients in their communities.



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