There are strict guidelines issued from the DWP that Doctors have to follow when issuing Fitness for Work notes. Hospital doctors can provide certificates for patients who are currently in hospital. Visit the Department for Work and Pensions website for more information.

if the illness is:

  • Less than 3 days: your employer should not require a Fitness for Work note
  • Between 3 and 7 days: you should hand your employer a “self certificate” (SC1). You do not need to see the Doctor for this
  • More than 7 days: You will need a  Fitness for Work note. You must see the Doctor to get one. It is ONLY at 7 days that you need a Doctors note. If you require a note covering illness when you saw a different doctor (e.g. casualty) the doctor at the surgery must be in receipt of written evidence that you saw another Doctor

Fitness for Work notes needed before 7 days illness will incur a charge that should be borne by your employer!

This practice may supply personal health data to comply with its legal obligations from time to time, as directed by the Secretary of State for Health, or other recognised Statutory Authority.Anonymised data on the use of fit notes is being provided to the HSCIC on behalf of Department of Health, and the Department for Work and Pensions. This will enable the Department for Work and Pensions to undertake research analysis to inform policy relating to employment and sickness absence, including evaluation of Fit for Work.ICO information page for the public:

HSCIC information pages for the public:

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